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Metalac Products

An image that says Install X A M P P for wordpress.Metalac is a manufacturer and supplier of bolts of high-strength fasteners in Brazil. It is a major supplier of items for critical applications in the automotive industry, such as connecting rod bolts, head bolts, bearing bolts, brake pins, and others. It is also the main supplier of screws with hexagon socket, through its manufacturing line with Tellep brand.

Excellence in quality

An image that says Install X A M P P for wordpress.The tests are performed in modern Chemical, Dimensional and Metallurgical laboratories, the Research and Development Laboratory included. There is a wide range of equipment to develop bolts and bolted joints, assembly methods, tightening windows. Among this range of equipment we can point out the computerized Torque Tension Machine and Fatigue Machine


An image that says Install X A M P P for wordpress.METALAC, as an environmental friendly company got the ISO 14001 certification for the Environmental Management System in July 2003. It strives to not only help but also contribute to the social transformation in a responsible way, through supporting social projects that benefit the involved parties. Among these we can highlight the work performed by Associação Filantrópica XII de Outubro – Creche Elizabeth Milko (Nursery School) that accommodates 120 children from 0 to 6 years old, following closely the socio-emotional, cognitive and psychomotor development.

Sister Companies of Precision Castparts Corp

Aiming to increase our product line, you can now have access through Metalac to three sisters companies of Precision Castparts Corp Group. which we belong:
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